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The Calamity of America’s ‘Divine Mission’

By Bruce Fein, February 10, 2023 Robert Kagan’s monumental error is his failure to acknowledge that Americans, like the rest of mankind, are made of crooked timber craving power for its own sake ...Read More

In the eyes of the law, there is only one race here: It is American

By Bruce Fein, Jan 22 2023 In twin pending cases, the United States Supreme Court is prepared to end the nation’s experiment with racial preferences that began in 1969 under President Richard Nix ...Read More

We are all Empire claques now

By Bruce Fein, Jan 23 2023 In 1971, President Richard Nixon famously declared, “We are all Keynesians now,” shorthand for the idiocy that the best and the brightest can outfox the laws of suppl ...Read More

The Double Standards of Empire

By Bruce Fein, Jan 24 2023 An editorial in today’s Washington Post (“How to dole out Justice to Mr. Putin”) clamors for a Nuremberg-style tribunal to prosecute Russian President Vla ...Read More