Law Offices of Bruce Fein

Ten Commandments

The summit of humanity

1. Devote your life to justice—making every person’s station in life correspond to their character and accomplishments.

2. Always ask and satisfactorily answer “why” before asking “how”

3. Cherish the thinker over the armored knight and all other professions or occupations.

4. If it’s the right thing to do, do it without hesitation and with alacrity.

5. Deplore war as the legalization of first-degree murder except in self-defense to actual or imminent aggression.

6. Rebuke any deity, official, or person implicated in injustice.

7. Greet others with every benevolent instinct of the human heart.

8. Seek wisdom and truth tirelessly without ulterior motives.

9. Attain immortality by example which speaks across eons of time to the countless yet to be born.

10. Never neglect an opportunity for kindness or generosity.